Defining Yourself and Your Brand Through Blogging

This probably means very little coming from someone who has been blogging for all of a month and a half, but I have read over and over again about how important blogs are in the world of emerging media. Companies use blogs to connect with their customers; artists use blogs to showcase their work; and professionals use blogs to create an image of themselves for the world to see. If you have been debating whether or not you should write a blog, the answer is a resounding yes. Not only will maintaining a blog help develop your writing skills, but it will assist in establishing an online presence, an undertaking that anyone in the professional world needs to commit to.


As you can see, there are several different definitions for the word “brand.” However the concept is virtually the same: associating an idea with a thing. In regards to individual people, your “brand” could be your personality, values, morals, actions, looks, way of speaking, and even your clothing. We say that we like a particular brand of comedy, food, or clothing because of the marketing those companies have put into their products. We may like the taste of our favorite cereal, but chances are we also like the packaging or the commercials we see on TV or the Internet. Branding is so much more than the face value of something, it’s the heart and soul of the product.

In this case, YOU’RE the product. In the job world, we know how crucial it is to set ourselves apart from the rest. If you are 1 of 50 applicants for a position you are hoping to get, there better be something on your resume or portfolio to distinguish you from the other candidates. This is where the art of blogging comes in. Sure, there are plenty of other things you can do to help get your name and talents out there, but I believe blogging presents a very unique opportunity for displaying all of your talents, in a professional way.

Deciding What Type of Blog to Write: which blog is best for producing the brand you want for yourself or your business

If you’re going to include your blog on your resume or portfolio, you have to make sure it’s suitable for work. Most people assume that only professional blogs should be divulged, but I beg to differ. If a person is willing to take the time to organize their thoughts on a subject and publish them on a website, it should absolutely be included on their resume. Before I get ahead of myself, let’s talk about the types of blogs there are:

  1. Personal Blogs – an opportunity to take your “journal” or “diary” online to share your thoughts and experiences with an audience. Personal blogs are the only blogs that I think may be questionable when it comes to disclosing their existence to future employers. Companies use personal blogs to create an open community with their consumers, however if your personal blog covers inappropriate subject matter for work, you may not want to include it.
  2. Business Blogs – some small businesses use a business blog to talk about their what’s new and up-and-coming for their business. Anything that may affect or concern their customers, good or bad, should be included in these types of blogs. This includes loosely-based discussions that concern your business. For example, an ice cream shop may post a blog about new flavors they’re introducing, but they should also include whimsical posts about things like “The Best Ice cream to Have on a Hot Summer Day” or “3 Things to do When You Take a Date to an Ice Cream Parlor.” These posts boost the visibility of a business while also providing interesting content for your customers.
  3. Professional Blogs – This blog (The Warbles of Wehrspaun) is categorized as a professional blog. Most people who use professional blogs do it to make money online… I seem to have missed this train but there are plenty of other reasons to establish a professional blog. I think this is the most suitable type of blog to mention in a job interview because professional blogs are usually written by experts in a particular field. This helps to establish your credibility.
  4. Niche Blogs – weight loss blogs, cooking/meal planning/food blogs, animal lover blogs, and poems/short stories blogs all fall under the category of “niche” blogs. These posts tend to be specific and entertaining. I think niche blogs are best for people who want to flaunt your skills, talent, or knowledge in a specific area.
  5. Reverse Blogs – blogs in which the content is supplied primarily by the public. There is a moderation team that patrols the content to make sure it is in line with the goals of the blogging site, but these blogs are open for contribution from everyone within that community. I usually think of fanfiction blogs when I think of what a reverse blog is.
  6. Affiliate Blogs – Reviews! Affiliate blogs are the posts you see about certain products, either encouraging or discouraging the public to buy them. Affiliate bloggers are sometimes paid by the company whose products they are trying to promote. Tech blogs and beauty product blogs are among the most popular. Writing these types of blogs shows any potential employer that you have impressive analytical skills and an attention to detail. Businesses should include more affiliate blogs (both the good and the bad) to help in branding their company with and air of honesty and trust. These are the two most important qualities for businesses to have!
  7. Media Blogs – both vlogs and photoblogs are types of media blogs. More recently, gamers have been sharing their video streams of them playing their favorite games. A media blog would be perfect for those trying to work for companies like Rooster Teeth or YouTube.
  8. Freelance Blogs – These blogs can be any type of blog listed above. However, they are written by an individual who is paid by a company to produce and write the content they want. Freelance jobs are directly used to help sculpt the brand of businesses.

What’s Next?

Go out and write, record, snap, and post! Blogs for businesses and individuals can singlehandedly define your brand and put you a step ahead of the pack. It’s hard to land a job in such a competitive, cut-throat world. But through blogging and other means of establishing an internet presence, you can make yourself stand out and be recognizable when it matters the most.

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